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By Matt GaidicaJanuary 29, 2013In Uncategorized

Timebomb is a Time-sensitive Short Link for Passwords

Sorry, but I’ve had to discontinue support for my password sharing application,, or simply, “x” as it came to be. My focus has been entirely shifted away from supporting SSL certificates and PHP subdirectories. I apologize if this comes as any inconvenience! If you still need a solution, I’ll give you two suggestions, beyond using a standard password manager:

  1. Launch it yourself! The code has always been open source, and you can give me a shout if you run into issues. Visit the Timbomb Github Repo for the code.
  2. CloudApp has always been a great little application and they recently incorporated a timebomb-like feature called “auto destroy”. You can either share a text document, or take a screen shot of the credentials you want to share, and send a private link.

I built a long time ago and gave it a quick refresh this afternoon. I still see this problem popup all over the place– people sending passwords in emails. Worse yet, starting the email with, “here is the password”. All it takes is access to someones email account to retrieve all these passwords, or bank account numbers, or social security numbers.

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