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By Matt GaidicaOctober 8, 2016In Uncategorized

A Dark MATLAB Theme for the University of Michigan

This theme—Dark Mich—is based on the University of Michigan Style Guide and uses Scott Lowe’s Schemer tool to load in MATLAB. The colors have been slightly modified to improve readability and contrast.


  1. Download Schemer and unzip it to your MATLAB directory.
  2. Download darkmich.prf to the Schemer schemes folder and then load it by running:
>> schemer_import

While you’re at it, treat yourself to the free font Source Code Pro to beautify things a bit (change in Preferences > Fonts).

Pro Tips

  1. f.lux will automatically adjust your screen color at night and remove those pesky blues that have a devastating effect on your circadian rhythm.
  2. Buy a pair of J+S Vision Computer Glasses to filter out 90% of your ambient blue light. I was so impressed with their product (e.g. filter quality and price) that I reached out to J+S Vision and they now sponsor my neuroscience research.
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