Brain Clocks: The Neuroscience of Time

Time is something we want more of, and want to do more with. Whether we like it or not, our brains are running multiple clocks that pace aging, wake us up, and control how quickly our muscles fire at the gym.

Time in the brain is most certainly unlike the time you remember from physics class. Brain Clocks explores the neuroscience of time using studies of high performance, as well as examining the bizarre and crippling effects that broken clocks have on the mind.

Left: A History of the Hemispheres

In the late nineteenth century a mild-mannered surgeon from Paris fostered a discovery that spurred a revolution. It spat in the face of the Church, upturned decades of intuitions, and was a turning point in the history of brain science. The two sides of our brains are different.

Left journeys through history to meet our tool-making ancestors, the first-ever serial killers, and modern-day scientists who have all partaken in the story of our asymmetric brains.

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