Rat Brain Atlas API for MATLAB

I've made a Rat Brain Atlas API available on MATLAB Central File Exchange (linked to the GitHub Repo) based on my Rat Brain Atlas Webtool. The API wraps a web request to a JSON-formatted API endpoint, accessible in raw form using the following URL structure:


The function ratBrainAtlas(ap,ml,dv) reads the web request, downloads the atlas images, and outputs a struct in S. If the Image Processing Toolbox is installed S will include marked images (red dot):

>> ml = 1.3;
>> ap = -3.3;
>> dv = 7.5;
>> S = ratBrainAtlas(ml,ap,dv)

S =
struct with fields:
 coronal: [1×1 struct]
 sagittal: [1×1 struct]
 horizontal: [1×1 struct]

>> S.coronal

ans =

struct with fields:
 image_url: 'http://labs.gaidi.ca/rat-brain-atlas/images/Rat_Brain_Atlas_33.jpg'
 left: 5.385000000000000e+02
 top: 4.715000000000000e+02
 image: [726×940 uint8]
 image_marked: [726×940×3 uint8]